Creature of the Night

It does not wake with the sun

Half a day behind the world

Out of sync

The exit from the cave is painful to the eyes


Approaching the border to relieve the early risers

Protecting the land from the enemy

As darkness falls, sounds of the invading forces


Schemes and plots attempt to penetrate

They are slain with ease

The journey home is peaceful as the others are asleep

Only the Moon for company

The Night Air


As the fields gather dew, exhaustion comes forth

Entering the cave just before the light touches the sky

The cycle is complete

By deepthinkerpoet

Bringing what I learned in Florida to the great state of Illinois as I continue my journey. After almost 30 years in Florida, I decided it was time for a change of scenery. I have always loved speaking about the big issues. My blog posts are a way to express my uninterrupted thoughts of the issue. I love science, math, technology, yet enjoy the challenge of free verse poetry and examining the world critically.

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