Blizzard’s Breath

Changing pressure all around me

Even sheltered from the force

It comes

In spurts


The sound fills my ears

The howl permeates the thick walls

I cannot escape

Slamming against the face of the building 

Whipping through the spaces

My indoor environment shutters and shakes

Creaking wood

Strength is tested

Resolve exposed

Sudden silence is nerve-wracking

I wait for the next event

Stiff with fear

Categorized as Poetry

By deepthinkerpoet

Bringing what I learned in Florida to the great state of Illinois as I continue my journey. After almost 30 years in Florida, I decided it was time for a change of scenery. I have always loved speaking about the big issues. My blog posts are a way to express my uninterrupted thoughts of the issue. I love science, math, technology, yet enjoy the challenge of free verse poetry and examining the world critically.

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