Warm enough to forget the snow
No howling wind or frozen ponds
Trees green with life
Insects on the prowl
Embracing the season before the deep-freeze
Soft sunlight strikes the landscape
A calmness permeates the senses

Even a storm cannot shake this change
Delayed in recovery
It returns to its center
Breathing gently
Confident of the future
Eager to bring comfort to the masses
Striving for attention

Categorized as Poetry

By deepthinkerpoet

Bringing what I learned in Florida to the great state of Illinois as I continue my journey. After almost 30 years in Florida, I decided it was time for a change of scenery. I have always loved speaking about the big issues. My blog posts are a way to express my uninterrupted thoughts of the issue. I love science, math, technology, yet enjoy the challenge of free verse poetry and examining the world critically.

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