Visual Cues

Above the ground
Like the tiny snowflakes that dance just outside
Never to reach their destination

Shielded from the bitter cold
These walls of glass expose a fantasy
Safe and warm, I observe the world
Embrace the beauty, ignore the struggle

Faded yellows and greens peek through the blanket of white
Crops slowly dying after the recent harvest
Dormant until Spring
No insulation from the elements

The dim sky wanes into darkness
We conquer this small distraction
We resist the emptiness
Our powers are undeniable

Categorized as Poetry

By deepthinkerpoet

Bringing what I learned in Florida to the great state of Illinois as I continue my journey. After almost 30 years in Florida, I decided it was time for a change of scenery. I have always loved speaking about the big issues. My blog posts are a way to express my uninterrupted thoughts of the issue. I love science, math, technology, yet enjoy the challenge of free verse poetry and examining the world critically.

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