The First Day of Summer 

A longing to be free again 
Away from this blank palette 
So many weeks of hiding 

Habits of the dark and cold 
Recycled air, recycle thoughts 
Broken by the obligation 
How long would this last without distraction? 

And so, I travel across the land 
Observing the food growing just beside me 
Only a few to feed the masses 

The sun beams down onto my skin 
Pale from the cloudy sky 
Or cloudy moods 

Organic is the world I digest 
To the horizon and beyond 
Separated by glass and steel 

Soundproof and windproof 
Filtered air hits my face 
Music surrounds me with a synthetic beat 

Emerging from the endless road 
I awaken 
Introspection flashes to Focus 

Bricks, concrete, wood, and metal 
Once again, the signs of humans 
The advancement of us, revealed 

Yet, the sky is blue, and the crops hold their brilliant greens 
Protected by need, serviced by will 

The days seem gluttonous after the harsh of winter 
Humbled only by the artificial trappings of those who live their lives inside 

Soak up the free radiation while you can 
The sun dips lower every evening 
The cycle continues onward, with little regard for human emotion 

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