Back to Basics

The storm arrivesWalls shakingBlinding lightningThunder overpowers Connections brokenMachines lifelessPouring rain and increasing darknessChildhood memories abound I duck down on the largest crashForgetting the roof still standsMy system still in shockStumbling towards the lanterns All the cords and all the cablesYet, not the one I needThe radio dies of old ageCut off from the world All…… Continue reading Back to Basics

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Hidden Hills

This land is flatLike the place I was bornHome of the orangesNot too much corn These hills, they surprise meRising up from the earthIllinois mountainsIn the time of rebirth Fellow travelers don’t mindWe go up and go downThen the path takes a turnI look all around At once, I’m rewardedJust ahead, I can seeThe skyline…… Continue reading Hidden Hills

Consolidation and Acceptance

I awoke this morning with a level of calm that I don’t often experience.  After a busy two weeks of moving, working, and hosting my family for a few days, my brain was on overdrive.  In addition, today was the day I cleaned the old unit and took the last items out of the apartment.  There was no…… Continue reading Consolidation and Acceptance


16 months and 16 days 16 books read 16 blog posts 16 job applications 16 new co-workers 16 virtual meetings 16 hours in a summer day 16 new ways to work 16 new reasons to help those in need 16 more places on my travel list 16 new laws 16 moving boxes 16 memories to…… Continue reading Sixteen

Financial Independence

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. If you need financial advice, please reach out to a person who is certified or licensed in your local area. Use the links below to confirm the person you are speaking with has an Active status on their license/certification. Helpful Links: Financial Planner: Investments: Investments:…… Continue reading Financial Independence


Empty roads and empty buildings. Even if everyone was vaccinated, there is no telling what type of choice people will make about permanent Work From Home. Only time will tell.

Imminent Spring

These two photos are about two weeks apart. I find this a little crazy.

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