Chicago 2020 (Trains, No Planes, and Automobiles)

Note: This trip was taken in February 2020 before COVID was a major issue in the USA. I have been pretty much trapped in my tiny apartment since then. Trains: The last time I had been on a train before this had been more than 15 years ago when I had just started Boy Scouts. …… Continue reading Chicago 2020 (Trains, No Planes, and Automobiles)

Business or Pleasure (Part 4)

I had really no idea how enlightening the trip to Phoenix would be until I returned back home.  While I like to think my observations are pretty spot-on, first impressions can be deceiving. Compared to the larger locations and airports, Jacksonville does seem quite small at times.  I was happy to see that my gate was…… Continue reading Business or Pleasure (Part 4)