A Journey Revisited

North To the City of Wind The cornfields and windmills quickly disappear Industry Large pipes of liquid gold cross over Freight at double our speed Buildings hide humans within We slow to a crawl as we approach People On the streets Waiting for something to begin Urgency never satisfied South To the State of the […]

The First Day of Summer 

A longing to be free again Away from this blank palette So many weeks of hiding Habits of the dark and cold Recycled air, recycle thoughts Broken by the obligation How long would this last without distraction? And so, I travel across the land Observing the food growing just beside me Only a few to […]

10,000 Miles

Driving a car has been a cultural phenomenon in this country for many years.  The history is long and usually disturbing; however, my experience has been overall positive.  I purchased a new car after my previous car was flooded in one of those famous Florida hurricanes.  That car barely made it to 10,000 miles, and […]

The Year of Two Weddings

I will admit this season has been a tough one for me with ever-changing societal rules and work schedules.  The need for a break in the depths of winter is nothing new.  The plane from Chicago to Tampa was packed and for a moment I almost forgot I was a Florida native.  It is hard […]

2021 Review and 2022 Goals 

Professional Life:  2021:  My day-to-day work life did not have a dramatic change like it did back in 2020.  I am still under the same larger department, but the product line is more streamlined.  Instead of handling individual’s money, I am working with business owners to offer their employees life insurance.  In my previous role, there were at least five different […]

First Day of School

A slowly rising alarm breaks my restless sleep on my first day.  I go to the window to open the curtain and I am greeted by pure darkness.  Artificial light is my early morning companion.  Following my normal routine of making a large breakfast brings a sense of stability to this rather odd day.  I make my way onto the interstate […]

Hidden Hills

This land is flatLike the place I was bornHome of the orangesNot too much corn These hills, they surprise meRising up from the earthIllinois mountainsIn the time of rebirth Fellow travelers don’t mindWe go up and go downThen the path takes a turnI look all around At once, I’m rewardedJust ahead, I can seeThe skyline […]