Purist Form

I was cleaning out my paper files after a recent move (more on that coming soon), and found the original notebook of my young 18-year-old mind in college.  This artifact of my poetry is just a piece of paper, but isn’t that amazing?

This is a poem called Observations.  It appears first in my poetry book and it an early example of my creative work.

What have you discovered from your past recently?

One thought on “Purist Form

  1. I love seeing this! When I read the poem in your book, I could “see” what you were describing, because you words paint a picture in my mind. But seeing this draft, I could picture younger *you*; I imagined you were sitting on a bench writing, looking around, writing some more, pausing to think how to express yourself, etc. I often enjoy a walk down Memory Lane, whether it’s my memories or someone else’s.

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