Home for the Car

Moving has always been stressful for the humans

All the boxes and bags

All the rushing around early in the day

All the restless nights

I sit, silently waiting to be useful

Carrying my human from place to place

Suddenly filled with possessions

We travel South

The old highway cuts through farms of old

And small towns

We arrive at my human’s new home

My new home needs some work

I enjoy the chilly dew on my face in the mornings

Taking in the spring sunshine after days of grey skies

Early one day, a few people arrive to fix the roof

They are done quickly

The door squeals in pain as it is opened

I see for the first time my new home

Surrounded by paint cans

And small friends, also with motors

I was homeless for six weeks

Exposed to the changing season

Sparkling in the sun

Waiting for the next road-trip

2 thoughts on “Home for the Car

  1. This is so completely delightful! The way your car is personified, it’s totally content to patiently wait and serve you, and it finds joy whatever its circumstances. Childlike and trusting. Also, I can imagine it conversing with its garage-mates when you are not within earshot. 😉  

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