A sad reflection of knowing the end is near.

The Canyon, wide and deep, overwhelms me Standing on the edge I stare Rust colored land lives on

The dust unnatural Floats in the sky then sinks down Covering your dreams

Thunder claps over me My slumber interrupted Instincts alerted

We gather in the wooded place Familiar faces from long ago Family We are reverent, but not solemn This is a joyful time Celebrate the life of the matriarch Remember the traditions she created Surrounded by a cathedral of trees Lowered into the Earth by volunteers Wrapped in only a shroud Nature will embrace her Miniature trees are planted to mark the space The cycle is complete

This is one of my early poems that I thought I would share before the book comes out.  🙂 Wind in the Trees An invisible force that blows through the trees The branches embrace this powerful breeze, Swaying and dancing and waiting to say “Hello, don’t you see?  It’s a beautiful day!” The trees wave to the birds, that fly overhead As the Moon runs off to bed. The rush of this… Read More