[Virtual] Reality

More people on the road this day  If only I could find my way  Unaccustomed to a long commute  I journey on without a suit  The threshold warns of the old rules  If only they would apply in schools  I hear voices, unburdened from wearing a mask  I try to focus on my task  Meeting […]

Emotional Frostbite

The constant change is all aroundExcept the snow that’s on the groundEach day the same inside my homeAll I want to do is roam More people sick than I can countThe numbers always seem to mountAnd so I hide behind my wallsNo one to see, no one to call I build a world inside a […]

Slow Processing

Hazel eyes stare into a virtual worldSocial guidelines restrict movementWeather brings darkness, even at middayThis is not a temporary fantasyNo willpower can resolveHope for a certain future waversDeeper still into the depthsMental acuity replaced with foggy uncertaintyThe pounding rain intensifiesMatching the turmoilModern conveniences offer no respiteHuman contact awaits

Following Directions

Nocturnal by natureCreated for comfortMy master controls me An array of colorsOnly the bestNothing like my boring cousins Awake or asleepThey have no in-betweenFollowing the old ways I am the futureEvolved from demandUseful Working together as oneA simpler world is bornNo rest for the weary

Back to Basics

The storm arrivesWalls shakingBlinding lightningThunder overpowers Connections brokenMachines lifelessPouring rain and increasing darknessChildhood memories abound I duck down on the largest crashForgetting the roof still standsMy system still in shockStumbling towards the lanterns All the cords and all the cablesYet, not the one I needThe radio dies of old ageCut off from the world All […]


16 months and 16 days 16 books read 16 blog posts 16 job applications 16 new co-workers 16 virtual meetings 16 hours in a summer day 16 new ways to work 16 new reasons to help those in need 16 more places on my travel list 16 new laws 16 moving boxes 16 memories to […]

St. Margaret’s

Sitting on a stone bench Memories flood over me The games of tag and ultimate frisbee Sunday school and youth group meetings Merit badges and scoutmaster conferences This beautiful place, once surrounded by trees Broken Progress has taken its toll Houses tower over the wooden fence that borders the cemetery The old chapel almost abandoned […]


The ice and snow are all around The wind above all the sound A new year upon us Oh, this is great! Dinner with friends will start at eight More fun poems to describe the season A visit to the city A train ride, I’m giddy Views are spectacular to the horizon As I get […]

The Pond

A massNo movementLight snow covers the surfaceSolid ice into the depths Small birds long for fishNo chanceThe still air brings strained silenceWhites and Greys all aroundA clean canvas Sunlight barely peeks through the cloudsIts last minute attempt to warm the landWe enter the time of reverencePart of the organismOne

Jealous Atmosphere

A presenceA feelingA loyal best friendLingering throughout the dayIt waitsJealous for attentionDeliberate as the NightMaking your world smallerContainedCreating borders for the eyesBridging earth and skyInciting fear among the nativesBringing artists inspirationDelightful precipitationHow dull is life without you?