Grandfather’s Legacy: Teaching Patience, Comfort as an Introvert, and Love for Music

I structured my memories about my grandfather into life lessons. I presented these at the service back in March and wanted to share here as well.

Memory #1:

When I was young, there was no question that I left unspoken. I knew not everyone wanted to talk all the time. We were in the car and I noticed two sets of numbers on the speedometer. So, I asked. This started a conversation about the progress of the United States in science and technology. It also brought up the reason he moved to Florida. He was a drafter: someone who hand-draws schematics of devices.

There were long pauses between the responses of each question. He taught me patience.

Memory #2:

We went to a small public pool. It was just us and I was curious why no one else was at the pool. Grandpa made it seem like it was better to have a peaceful afternoon than to be around a large group of people. I wanted to be near other people as I was more of an extrovert back then. We moved to the larger public pool and I was excited to have people around me. As an adult, I now know the peace a quiet moment brings.

He taught me to be comfortable as an introvert.

Memory #3:

Classical music has been a part of my life for some time now. Passed down through my father, I started listening on the radio. Later I found myself slightly obsessed with the musical scores of films and TV. They fire the imagination and bring me through my human emotions. The organ was my grandfather’s favorite. I now enjoy watching a professional in concert skillfully manage the pedals and keys.

He taught me to love music.

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