Dust in the Solar Winds

A burst of energy Created from Nothing Expands and contracts Into rocky worlds and gaseous moons Spinning around a sphere of plasma Unable to dodge the flares of liquid fire Protected by a blanket, formed at the core A planet, expansive, yet small in the eyes of the galaxy A dot of blue and green […]

The Year of Two Weddings

I will admit this season has been a tough one for me with ever-changing societal rules and work schedules.  The need for a break in the depths of winter is nothing new.  The plane from Chicago to Tampa was packed and for a moment I almost forgot I was a Florida native.  It is hard […]

2021 Review and 2022 Goals 

Professional Life:  2021:  My day-to-day work life did not have a dramatic change like it did back in 2020.  I am still under the same larger department, but the product line is more streamlined.  Instead of handling individual’s money, I am working with business owners to offer their employees life insurance.  In my previous role, there were at least five different […]


16 months and 16 days 16 books read 16 blog posts 16 job applications 16 new co-workers 16 virtual meetings 16 hours in a summer day 16 new ways to work 16 new reasons to help those in need 16 more places on my travel list 16 new laws 16 moving boxes 16 memories to […]

The West Wing

I first wrote this in mid-October of 2020.  It was hiding on my computer and I forgot to share it.  This is a brutally honest reaction to a difficult time.  We are not out of the woods yet, but I didn’t want let my kind words about the TV show The West Wing to be […]

2020 Review and 2021 Goals

Professional Life: 2020:  Adjusting to a new job can be difficult and I wanted to be sure I knew my way around the procedures before taking on extra projects.  After some reflection, I decided to take an opportunity to being a Team Lead in the Bank.  This is a procedural expert that not only help […]