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Official Navy records of captain’s logs in the United States go back as far as 1776 (which is pretty good since that is the year the country declared independence).  This idea of recording events and interpretations was brought forward through history and into science fiction world of Star Trek.

The series is famous for its progressive ideas that are easily discussed in a utopian future and has some intense quotes from each episode.  Most episodes have at least one official “log entry” and also a personal one from the main character of the episode.  The Personal Log shows the emotions of the character, usually at the conclusion of the challenging situation. 

TV Show: Star Trek: Voyager
Episode: Message in a Bottle
Quote: ”You know, you really should keep a personal log…why bore others needlessly?”

I find this quote amusing and in a recent re-watch of the episode, made me think about my endless journals and storytelling.  This concept is one of the main reasons I started journaling back in early high school.  I wanted to get the ideas out of my head without boring my friends with a 2000-word manifesto on my love of air travel.

Do you keep a journal as a way to clear your head?  Do you have friends that might use this quote as a response to one of your stories?  Are you that friend wondering how long the story of the evil shampoo bottle will go on?  Let me know!

One thought on “Personal Log

  1. I have recently started doing some journaling. I like the idea of hand writing, but sometimes, there’s so much “in there,” that I have to type, so I can then read what spilled out, and also edit as I ponder more deeply what’s going on behind the thoughts that first pop up.
    I love hearing my friends’ stories, though I sometimes struggle with a lack of confidence that people want to hear mine. But I’ve been told I should practice telling them anyway, so I fumble my way through when I’m feeling either brave enough or comfortable enough.
    Journaling of various kinds has its place for sure, and I remember a very long (and unexpected!) verbal reply some years ago when I asked a friend a simple yes or no question, but we all want to be seen and known. “Being heard is so close to being loved that for the average person they are almost indistinguishable.” ~ David Augsburger
    This is what often happens when I start writing; I end up someplace I didn’t know I was going. So there is my personal log for the day.
    And also, now I am curious about the evil shampoo bottle. 🙂

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