Paper and Pen, Once Again

It has been more than two years since I found this podcast in a moment of chaos.  I needed something to listen to at night to calm the mind of all that was going on around me and inside my head.  I found the professional podcast style with hosts that were passionate.  In this case, the podcast discusses a variety of fountain pens, mechanical pencils, and stationary products.  The hosts bring stories of their personal experiences and listener questions in a very casual conversation style.  This was a perfect way for me to wind down after a trying day or week.  I had previously found a completely different podcast on the same network, which had a similar style, but was all about the life of a full-time content creator.

Well into my listening experience, I decided I had to see what the excitement was about with fountain pens.  I purchased two very inexpensive pens and a moderately priced notebook of lined paper.  I will admit, I didn’t get very far with my practice of writing with such a specific type of pen.  Fountain pens have nibs and a variety of ink configurations.  I have learned all about these differences on the podcast, but have yet to invest in anything more expensive.  I am still unsure if I want to really dive into the hand-written world of specialty pens.

However, I have made a point to do more hand-written journal entries both during travel and at home.  I find the lack of instant spellcheck and grammar recommendations freeing when writing poetry or when ranting about the current state of the world around me.

In my earlier days, I would write letters to friends in far-flung corners of the country.  I attended retreats where you write a letter explaining your sacrifice for the candidates of the program.  I used to have a decent list of Christmas cards I would send every year with a personal message in each one.  Admittedly, I have lost some of that commitment to hand-written items over the years.  I did get a few Christmas cards out this year, so that is progress. 😊

This year (2024), as part of a larger theme of Writing, I’ll be pulling out the paper notebooks and stickers and really getting back to the basics with some of my writing.  I’ll continue to write on this site as well, but I would like to send a letter to a different person each month, at minimum.  Even a short note on a card can be a welcome tonic after 14 hours of daily screen-time.

Do you have a passion for hand-written notes or fun writing utensils?  Has a podcast ever inspired you to try something completely new in your life?  Any goals for 2024 that you are excited to accomplish?

One thought on “Paper and Pen, Once Again

  1. When I’m working on a particular type of problem at work, I get out what I call my Math Pencil. It’s a mechanical pencil that writes smoothly and has a fine point; too soft of a lead pencil is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

    I have a couple of plastic bins with cards and handwritten letters. I’m sure there are some I could get rid of and still have a sufficient amount to give me that ‘valued by & connected to my friends’ feeling, but the thought of throwing any out is akin to putting gold in the trash. I will work on simplifying other parts of my home & life (part of my 2024 goals) before tackling the letters. 🙂

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