Financial Independence

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. If you need financial advice, please reach out to a person who is certified or licensed in your local area. Use the links below to confirm the person you are speaking with has an Active status on their license/certification. Helpful Links: Financial Planner: Investments: Investments: […]

St. Margaret’s

Sitting on a stone bench Memories flood over me The games of tag and ultimate frisbee Sunday school and youth group meetings Merit badges and scoutmaster conferences This beautiful place, once surrounded by trees Broken Progress has taken its toll Houses tower over the wooden fence that borders the cemetery The old chapel almost abandoned […]

2020 Decade of Hope

I wrote this way back at the beginning of 2020.  Remember that?  This is some unbridled optimism that I think we all need right now.  Enjoy! Looking forward to: Mars 2020 Artemis (2024 & 2028) Electric vehicles Autonomous Driving Renewable energy Smart Homes Personal: Paying off debt Saving More fulfilling job Volunteer work Family The […]

The West Wing

I first wrote this in mid-October of 2020.  It was hiding on my computer and I forgot to share it.  This is a brutally honest reaction to a difficult time.  We are not out of the woods yet, but I didn’t want let my kind words about the TV show The West Wing to be […]

“Better Version of Who I Am”

I was listening to a podcast about leadership earlier today and the guest was talking about being yourself.  She used this phrase that really struck me.  I paused the podcast and wrote it down.  I didn’t want to forget this simple, yet profound idea.  I spent the better part of my 20s trying to figure […]

The Slower Form of Energy

Sound.  Little molecules vibrating through a medium so the tiny bones in our ears can send signals to our brain to process.  Even before we are fully developed, we hear our mother’s heartbeat and our father’s favorite music.  Perhaps a dog is barking and a lawnmower buzzes around outside the window.   As we grow, we […]

Exploring the Stars

From the classic idea of humans finally getting out of their caves and searching for new land, the idea of exploration has fired the imagination.  What will be over that next hill?  Can we get there faster?  What can we bring back home? The love of space exploration has been a main theme in my […]