I reach back to the past
In search for answers
From childhood to my later youth
I wander, aimlessly, or so it seems

Guided by those nearby
And further still
Close family and far-flung cousins
Influences, all the same

Friends through life or just a season
Clinging to each moment
Secrets hidden, or perhaps revealed
Earning trust

A shielded world was my experience
Not complete, but protected
Wrapped in the knowledge of the Creator
Silently watching or actively directing

All the pain, suffering, death, and destruction
Exposed, but not a fearful stance
Raised against the mighty wave
Sails bent most severely
Yet we live on

A family tree with scars and trouble
Only less so when we hide the truth
Not that humanity is known for its perfection

Thus, our path is clear
For a time, here and there
We ask for advice and only follow
What we already believe

Embracing our fellow humans
Learning the differences
Forgiving whom we can

Taking charge of our life
A chance at independence
Will the old lessons stay with us
Slowly melting away or ever strengthened

Finding ways to live in our world
Not forgetting who we want to be
A future, unwritten
Endless possibilities
Opportunities to fail
To learn

Experience emotions, untapped
Visualize solutions to the endless complexities
Define a road that works for you
Nothing is permanent
Even the Sun will die and be reborn

Gather your trials and concerns
Throw them in the bonfire
Let them float away, into Space
Each day is new
The light shines, even in darkness

The choice is yours to make
Alternative realities are around every corner
Nothing is binary
Display the qualities you want
Dismiss the others until you need them

Know your limits
The Universe may be endless
Humans are not
Be the best version of yourself, now
The imagined future is hard to grasp

Be bold
Take chances
Bravely advance across the line
Run full speed into your dreams
Be ready for resistance
Fear not the damage of your efforts
Regret is a persistent emotion

And so, we find ourselves back at the beginning
Ready for anything
Cautiously wading into the River
Tense with anticipation
Yearning for more

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