Dust in the Solar Winds

A burst of energy

Created from Nothing

Expands and contracts

Into rocky worlds and gaseous moons

Spinning around a sphere of plasma

Unable to dodge the flares of liquid fire

Protected by a blanket, formed at the core

A planet, expansive, yet small in the eyes of the galaxy

A dot of blue and green

Sailing on an ocean of black

In silent awe of its neighbors

Of what was and is to come

Ever curious, ever exploring

Until the End

2 thoughts on “Dust in the Solar Winds

  1. In the grand scheme of the universe, we are but a mere speck. Yet, our existence and exploration remind us of the infinite possibilities and wonders that lie ahead. Thank you for this reminder of our place in the cosmos.

  2. Ooh, I like this one. It feels like a description of God’s creativity – a big picture view of His handiwork. I second the Inner Peace commenter’s expression of “possibilities and wonders that lie ahead.”

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