A Journey Revisited


To the City of Wind

The cornfields and windmills quickly disappear


Large pipes of liquid gold cross over

Freight at double our speed

Buildings hide humans within

We slow to a crawl as we approach


On the streets

Waiting for something to begin

Urgency never satisfied


To the State of the Flowers

Mountains wave up at us

Traveling at inconceivable speed


Dress to impress

Everyone you already know

Witness a joining of lives


Dance with a stranger

Consume decadent dessert


Into a new family

More reasons to visit


Always changing

A life forgotten

An alternate Path

A bridge to the Past


Optimism over Struggle

Deeper Connection

Completely Unknown

3 thoughts on “A Journey Revisited

  1. I’m not sure my comment went through. I got an error message. So here’s what I said.

    I absolutely love this, and I’ve been trying to put into words why it’s so striking to me. Here we have both the big picture and specific details, both distance and closeness, both the “old” and the “new,” and it’s all so beautifully expressed in this poem.

  2. If this doesn’t get to you, I may seriously have to go the carrier pigeon route. The site says it’s detecting duplicate comments. Can you believe my initial college major was computer science? 😉


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