After I started listening to music on a regular basis, I started getting into movie and TV scores. I love the way they could move and affect the story. They can bring tension or peace, excitement or sorrow, and half the time we may not even realize the effect it is having on us.  As I started listening to more of the music, separate from the movie experience, I realized that it would be cool to mix one into the other and have a “MegaMix”, not unlike what the Newsboys did on their greatest hits album.  So, I started my list.  I now realize a lot of the “matching” has to do with similar composers or similar styles.  However, I have not lost my love of scores and soundtracks.  Sometimes they bring you right back to the scene in the movie.  Other times they trick you and you don’t realize it until you watch the film again.  I worked on the list in 2010 and 2011. The combinations are in each row of the table.

The List:

Transformers 2Pirates 2    
Mission ImpossibleAvatar  
Gladiator: Barbarian HordePirates  
TitanicBridge to Terabitha  
Dark KnightPirates  
Spiderman 1,2,3National Treasure  
GladiatorPiratesStar Wars 
10,000 BCNational Treasure  
Avatar (Track 8)Spider Man  
Edward ScissorhandsPolar Express  
Bourne IdentityDark KnightBatman BeginsPaycheck
PaycheckNational TreasureDark Knight 
Pirates 3 (Drink up me Hearties)The Last Samurai  
Lord of the Rings (Minas Morgal)Avatar  
Atlantis (Secret Swim)SpiderMan  

More recently, I found 2-hour mixes of scores / soundtracks like I was imagining on YouTube.  Great minds think alike, I guess?  I marked this under the category of a good idea that I was never going to produce, but happy someone got around to it.

Do you agree with my list? Anything you might add to it? What fun side project did you start, but never finish?

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