Green in the Time of Darkness

I went on a short adventure today.  After a month of not leaving the confines of my apartment complex, I hit the road to visit a local state park.  The low humidity keeps me grounded in the fact that I am in my new state of Illinois.  I start off easy with a couple different […]

Returning to Nature

We gather in the wooded place Familiar faces from long ago Family We are reverent, but not solemn This is a joyful time Celebrate the life of the matriarch Remember the traditions she created Surrounded by a cathedral of trees Lowered into the Earth by volunteers Wrapped in only a shroud Nature will embrace her […]

Wind in the Trees

This is one of my early poems that I thought I would share before the book comes out.  🙂 Wind in the Trees An invisible force that blows through the trees The branches embrace this powerful breeze, Swaying and dancing and waiting to say “Hello, don’t you see?  It’s a beautiful day!” The trees wave […]