Consolidation and Acceptance

I awoke this morning with a level of calm that I don’t often experience.  After a busy two weeks of moving, working, and hosting my family for a few days, my brain was on overdrive.  In addition, today was the day I cleaned the old unit and took the last items out of the apartment.  There was no pattern or plan, but I got everything clean and moved the remining items to my car.  There was a sense of relief that flowed over me.  After weeks of looking, planning, signing documents, and starting a new role at work, I am happy to know that in 48 hours, I will no longer be responsible for my previous residence.  When I left this afternoon, I said to the empty apartment, “Thank you.  You have served me well.”  I said something similar when I moved out of my unit in Florida.   

My home in Bloomington was the shelter I needed at the time.  Not unlike the friends that come and go, I was happy and excited at first, but the world around me changed, which adjusted my perception.  I learned about my new state of residence and made new friends.  I saw and touched snow for the first time.  I wrote poetry describing the seasons and my feelings of insecurity as I observed new behaviors.  I worked from my living room for 18 months.  I changed jobs twice in that time.  I become serious about my financial future and changed it (including my recent move to a less expensive area).  I made a commitment to travel this beautiful country over the next several years.   

Some of these things would have happened regardless of where I was living, but it gave me the security to explore and learn.  I continue my journey of learning in my new location.  Even when our lives are more blended together than ever before, I will take comfort in the separate rooms for various activities.  One room will no longer hold the entirety of my life.  Distractions will be minimized, and a new focus will be embraced.   

I’m excited for new opportunities.  Will I finally find a church that I like?  Will I make friends that I’ll still know to in 30 years?  Will I be able to save enough money to purchase a home?  These questions will be answered eventually, but for now I am going to enjoy the ride.   

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