The ice and snow are all around

The wind above all the sound

A new year upon us

Oh, this is great!

Dinner with friends will start at eight

More fun poems to describe the season

A visit to the city

A train ride, I’m giddy

Views are spectacular to the horizon

As I get closer, my excitement is rising

A new opportunity was waiting for me

I am now the honoree

While learning and teaching

A rumor began

E-mails confirmed a change was at hand

In less than a year our division would vanish

Not to worry, they told us, we all had a place

The larger company always has space

Not a week after receiving this troubling news

Once again, we are shaken, what else would we lose?


Worldwide panic and concern

They send us home without a word

I gather my monitors and laptop and more

In less than 10 minutes, I am running out the door

A new workspace created

Eating table replaced

My commute non-existent

Getting to work is no longer a race

Virtual meetings are now the new norm

Outside there is a terrible storm

Recording your answers to interview questions

Watching yourself give a poor impression

My luck running short

I continue to hunt

Will I create a new image?

Could I be less blunt?

Reading books help distract from unsettling facts

Psychology, Space, and surviving the Outback

At last, I am saved by a wonderful man

Who recognized talent and loyalty to brand

All at once I had closure, some good news, indeed

If only everyone was as lucky as me

I take a trip to the Outside

And what did I see?

Grey clouds and grey skies

But nothing can stop me

The autumn leaves brilliant

Look!  People, as well

Too real, too lifelike

But these people are swell

My work future secure, but what comes next?

A trip to see family

The next logical step

A direct flight, no connections

From small town to small town

Less exposure, less risk

Masks all around

Dinner with family

Makes all seem just fine

The Florida sun always ready to shine

I return back to my wintry home

Seeing another year come and go

Ready for another to bring new hope and new songs

New President, New Congress, New Vaccine coming along

All I want to do is meet my new team

No computers, no screens, no digital stream

Handshakes, laughter, and chance meetings return

A flexible schedule is something we’ve learned

And thus, we have, arrived once again

A new year, a new season, we now begin

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