2020 Decade of Hope

I wrote this way back at the beginning of 2020.  Remember that?  This is some unbridled optimism that I think we all need right now.  Enjoy!

Looking forward to:

  • Mars 2020
  • Artemis (2024 & 2028)
  • Electric vehicles
  • Autonomous Driving
  • Renewable energy
  • Smart Homes


  • Paying off debt
  • Saving
  • More fulfilling job
  • Volunteer work
  • Family

The driving force of technology and progress from the Industrial Age to the Modern Era has always captured my imagination.  Fantasy and science fiction fueled these passions inside of me.  There is plenty of time to reflect on the past, but sometimes you must push past the fog and be inspired by the future possibilities.  It doesn’t matter if it works perfectly, the idea, the vision is what drives us forward.  A few billion dollars makes it easier, no doubt.  However, many amazing inventions and plans came out of a time of need.  While all of our favorite people look back into the last decade, I want to look forward.  The next ten years are going to spectacular.  We will make large pushes in our culture, in our technology, and in our way of living.   I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Space science has always been one of my favorites.  One of the easy missions to remember is the Mars 2020 mission.  A rover as large as a small car will be hurled towards Mars to make even more incredible discoveries.  The amount of science already being completed on Mars is phenomenal, but the next 10 years will critical if we want to get started on exploring our solar system.  A little closer to home, the next missions to the Moon are already in the planning stages.  Humans on the Moon for the first time in about 50 years.  Let’s make sure it isn’t another 50 years before we get to Mars!  With the private companies also getting on-board, there will be no stopping us (humans). 

Not a fan of space travel?  Not to worry, with the expansion of electric cars and artificial intelligence, you can enjoy sunset vistas right here on our small planet.  Don’t forget to invest in a renewable energy company and make some money.  We will be using more of the Sun’s energy to power our world and hopefully integrating some biodiversity into our new buildings.   We have lots of windmills here in Illinois and I get excited every time I see them.  😊

I am looking forward to a productive decade for myself as well.  I have gotten serious about my finances and have made a plan.  I have everything lined up for the next few years and can honestly say that I want to be in Illinois for a while.  I have been simplifying my life in preparation for the new year.  I hope this new focus will help me find satisfaction with my daily work and be grateful in my new career move.  My slow move away from social media will help me interact with the other humans around me.  I will make new friends and find a person that I might want to share my life with.  I also really want to begin volunteering again.  I would like to focus my efforts with “young people”.  I am not sure what that means, but I want to explore the idea and see what is out there.  I have ministered to high school students in the past, so maybe something with college students or early career workers?  It is hard to say, but I know it will be an important part of this decade. 

Look back at all you have done in the past year.  Now think about how much you will accomplish in the next five or ten years.  The possibilities are endless.  Future You is ready. 

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