St. Margaret’s

Sitting on a stone bench Memories flood over me The games of tag and ultimate frisbee Sunday school and youth group meetings Merit badges and scoutmaster conferences This beautiful place, once surrounded by trees Broken Progress has taken its toll Houses tower over the wooden fence that borders the cemetery The old chapel almost abandoned…… Continue reading St. Margaret’s

2020 Decade of Hope

I wrote this way back at the beginning of 2020.  Remember that?  This is some unbridled optimism that I think we all need right now.  Enjoy! Looking forward to: Mars 2020Artemis (2024 & 2028)Electric vehiclesAutonomous DrivingRenewable energySmart Homes Personal: Paying off debtSavingMore fulfilling jobVolunteer workFamily The driving force of technology and progress from the Industrial…… Continue reading 2020 Decade of Hope

Chicago 2020 (Trains, No Planes, and Automobiles)

Note: This trip was taken in February 2020 before COVID was a major issue in the USA. I have been pretty much trapped in my tiny apartment since then. Trains: The last time I had been on a train before this had been more than 15 years ago when I had just started Boy Scouts. …… Continue reading Chicago 2020 (Trains, No Planes, and Automobiles)