Anne and Elizabeth

Over the past few weeks, I have been visiting some old friends in the form of TV characters. I decided to re-watch Anne with an E and When Calls the Heart. These shows are both wildly different and surprisingly the same. Canada is the backdrop of these adventurous worlds. Anne finds herself on Prince Edward […]

Green in the Time of Darkness

I went on a short adventure today.  After a month of not leaving the confines of my apartment complex, I hit the road to visit a local state park.  The low humidity keeps me grounded in the fact that I am in my new state of Illinois.  I start off easy with a couple different […]


When the idea of working from home was mentioned as an option several weeks back, I treated it with a strange type of distain.  I had always kept the different parts of my life very separate.  My friends from different parts of my life did not meet until my Eagle Scout ceremony.  As I have […]

The Pond

A massNo movementLight snow covers the surfaceSolid ice into the depths Small birds long for fishNo chanceThe still air brings strained silenceWhites and Greys all aroundA clean canvas Sunlight barely peeks through the cloudsIts last minute attempt to warm the landWe enter the time of reverencePart of the organismOne

Jealous Atmosphere

A presenceA feelingA loyal best friendLingering throughout the dayIt waitsJealous for attentionDeliberate as the NightMaking your world smallerContainedCreating borders for the eyesBridging earth and skyInciting fear among the nativesBringing artists inspirationDelightful precipitationHow dull is life without you?

Look Up

Look up, I say Look up from your phone The virtual world with you on the throne Look at yourself, all bent out of shape Your spine curving forward Your fingers might break I promise, you’ll make it Just fifty feet more The door to the restroom I know it’s a bore Look out, there’s […]

Winter in the Snow

This week began with a surprise as we started the season early with an even four inches of snowfall covering the ground.  I can’t explain why I was surprised, but I was excited, all the same.  The end of the year is less than three weeks away and I have been making some changes in my […]

Visual Cues

Suspended Above the ground Like the tiny snowflakes that dance just outside Never to reach their destination Shielded from the bitter cold These walls of glass expose a fantasy Safe and warm, I observe the world Embrace the beauty, ignore the struggle Faded yellows and greens peek through the blanket of white Crops slowly dying […]