10,000 Miles

Driving a car has been a cultural phenomenon in this country for many years.  The history is long and usually disturbing; however, my experience has been overall positive.  I purchased a new car after my previous car was flooded in one of those famous Florida hurricanes.  That car barely made it to 10,000 miles, and […]

Anne and Elizabeth

Over the past few weeks, I have been visiting some old friends in the form of TV characters. I decided to re-watch Anne with an E and When Calls the Heart. These shows are both wildly different and surprisingly the same. Canada is the backdrop of these adventurous worlds. Anne finds herself on Prince Edward […]

Green in the Time of Darkness

I went on a short adventure today.  After a month of not leaving the confines of my apartment complex, I hit the road to visit a local state park.  The low humidity keeps me grounded in the fact that I am in my new state of Illinois.  I start off easy with a couple different […]