Wind in the Trees

This is one of my early poems that I thought I would share before the book comes out.  🙂

Wind in the Trees

An invisible force that blows through the trees

The branches embrace this powerful breeze,

Swaying and dancing and waiting to say

“Hello, don’t you see?  It’s a beautiful day!”

The trees wave to the birds, that fly overhead

As the Moon runs off to bed.

The rush of this force running through the leaves

Sounds like the crashing waves of the sea.

Is it part of Science, Superpower or God,

Or just the Earth breathing, peaceful and calm?

3 thoughts on “Wind in the Trees

  1. Poetry helps my mind slow down and find some order, and I was excited to read some of your writing. This poem brought to mind a haiku from this Spring.

    A mid-April day
    Looking through the big window
    Wind made visible

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